We provide an integrated consultancy in corporate law, commercial contracts, trade intermediation schemes (distribution, commercial agency, etc.), nonprofit organizations, habeas data regime, corporate government and corporate compliance.

In the regards mentioned above, we assist investors in the incorporation of legal entities to operate in Colombia, drafting of the corporative bylaws and its reforms, shareholders agreements, corporate governance code, national and international contract structuration, and permanent legal assistance.


Corporate Law

  • Transformation and incorporation of corporate entities (companies and Branches of foreign companies).
  • Bookkeeping (board of directors)
  • Corporate conflict management support.
  • Mergers and spin off (reorganization)
  • Drafting of shareholder’s agreement and corporate government code
  • Permanent consultancy in Corporate matters
  • Determination of investments vehicles

  • Corporate auditing
  • Corporate compliance
  • Corporate groups and organization of parent companies and their subordinates
  • Wealth planning
  • Corporate litigations
  • Family corporate regime
  • Dissolution and winding-up of corporations.

Commercial Contracts

  • Trust Agreements
  • Collaboration Agreements
  • Dealership contracts
  • Brokerage/ agency / commission
  • Leasing / financial leasing
  • Franchises
  • Outlines structuration and security contracts
  • Other agreements

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Consultancy of Company acquisitions (stock purchase/ assets purchase/mergers and divisions)
  • Corporate joint ventures / investment agreements
  • Divestments strategies
  • Due diligence

Nonprofit Entities

  • Incorporation of foundations, associations and other type of nonprofit entities
  • Bylaws amendments
  • Dissolution and winding-up