We defend the interests of companies in unfair competition investigation processes, for the adoption of anti-dumping, countervailing duties and safeguards. Likewise, we optimize the use of FTAs (Free Trade Agreements) that improve the international competitiveness of companies.


Trade Defense Advisory

  • Comprehensive representation in processes for the adoption of anti-dumping duties, Safeguard measures and Compensatory rights
  • Due Dilligence for the early identification of unfair trade practices in imports
  • Advice to Colombian exporting companies, to prevent the imposition of Trade Defense measures in third countries
  • Impact analysis regarding regulatory changes in trade defense matters in Colombia and in regional and multilateral forums.

Advice on Commercial Policy and Use of Free Trade Agreements

  • Customized studies that analyze the impact on business, trade tensions and the new rules of the multilateral trading system
  • Sectoral regulatory analysis to identify risks and opportunities within the framework of current Trade Agreements
  • Design of strategies to overcome regulatory barriers regarding technical and sanitary requirements
  • Advice on the analysis and optimization of agricultural trade policy instruments (Andean Price Range System, Price Stabilization Mechanisms, amongst others)
  • Origin Verification in processes carried out by Customs Authorities in Colombia or abroad
  • Optimization of trade policy instruments to improve the efficiency of companies’ internationalization processes
  • Tariff Policy (deferrals and splittings to Customs Tariff)
  • Public Procurement