A new fund is born that will invest in local entrepreneurs

The fund specialized in the technology industry expects to add US $ 3 million in its first stage.

Accessing resources is perhaps the main challenge faced by early stage entrepreneurs. Therefore, the relevance of the impulse that the Colombian Software Federation (Fedesoft) and the consulting firm Araujo Ibarra want to give to the technology industry , which consolidated the creation of Colombia Venture Capital IT, the first local investment vehicle specialized in this sector.

In its first stage, this nascent fund expects to add US $ 3 million to invest in local entrepreneurs. US $ 1.2 million are already committed. The resources come from the main local entrepreneurs in the industry, which they reported, “want to contribute their capital to the strengthening of the sector and the revitalization of the Colombian economy.”

The search for investment startups has begun. They’ll go after Colombian or Colombian ventures, which have significant growth and are scalable projects. Placements will be approximately US $ 100,000 and US $ 200,000 in ticket per company.

“The project encompasses enormous potential to accelerate the country’s digital growth and favor the transformation of the economy,” said Eduardo Rivera, director of Digital Entrepreneurship and Video Games at Fedesoft.
From Fedesoft they ensured that the proposal aims to contribute to the growing need for digital entrepreneurs Colombians seeking investment capital, which to consolidate their implementation and strengthening their business project.

“Leveraging the growth of these national startups will also promote Colombia as an important player in the technology sector in Latin America. We are at the ideal time to bet on the digital entrepreneurship of our country. Assuming this commitment to strengthen the Colombian IT industry will open the way for technological development to become one of the locomotives of the national economy” said Paola Restrepo, president of Fedesoft.

Paola Restrepo, president of Fedesoft. 

According to Rivera, “this initiative opens the way for entrepreneurs and investors in the technology industry to find the ideal conditions to strengthen the Colombian digital ecosystem with smart capital more consistently, as this fund seeks to accelerate businesses with a global and potential vision of being the next Colombian unicorns”.

Together with Araujo Ibarra, Fedesoft will make the validations corresponding to the postulated projects. Once shortlisted, each initiative will be presented to the board of investors. Subsequently, a call will be made for entrepreneurs to support their initiative through a pitch.

“This investment fund will have a combination of entrepreneurs with an important track record and experience in the software industry. In addition, investors with attractive business models will be added. This represents, without a doubt, the opening of great possibilities for those who want and need an important economic boost to accelerate their startups,” said Federico Gómez, director of M&A and Transactional Services at Araujo Ibarra.

Entrepreneurs who believe they have the potential to be part of this Fedesoft investment vehicle can register on the website www.colombiavcit.com .

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