Internationalization Strategies


  • 590 new products and services from Colombia with potential on the United States market
  • 200 opportunities of China within the Colombian market to export to the United States
  • 10 new export destinations for Colombia
  • Logistics Plans for Bogotá and its department, Cundinamarca, Phase I and II
  • Regional cluster and commercial strengthening of agricultural productive chains
  • Identification of the commercial vocation of a site in Palmira
  • Ability to demonstrate that a project is of national and strategic interest (PINE)
  • Design of the investment attraction strategy for Ibagué


  • Production of market studies for the OSEC Business Network Switzerland
  • Market intelligence for the company Massi Energy from Trinidad and Tobago
  • Feasibility study for a Free Zone project adjacent to the Quito Airport (Chile)
  • Identification of opportunities in Spain for dresses and children accessories
  • Commercial Missions: Uruguay 21, Italian Trade Agency, Embassy of Spain and ICEX (Spanish Agency for Exportations and Investments)