Belvanny Marcano


  • Industrial Engineer – University of Carabobo
    Diploma in Strategic Marketing and Sales Management. – José Antonio Páez University.
    Diploma in Quality Management ISO 9001: 2015 –  Polytechnic of Colombia.
    Authorized Economic Operator Course – Connect Americas Academy.


Belvanny is an Industrial Engineer, HSEQ Certified Auditor and consultant in the authorization process as an Authorized Economic Operator (OEA). He has 5 years of experience in the area of ​​certification audits and monitoring of ISO 9001: 2015, BASC and ISO 28000: 2007 management systems.

He has led processes for the implementation and certification of ISO standards and has accompanied clients in various economic sectors for authorization processes such as OAS. He has knowledge in Risk Management based on ISO 31000: 2009 and in the development of activities in the areas of planning, audits, quality assurance and control, risk identification and treatment.