Gustavo Guzmán


Lawyer – Universidad la Gran Colombia
Specialist in International transport law – Universidad Externado de Colombia


Lawyer from Universidad La Gran Colombia, specialist in Transportation Law.

Gustavo Guzmán Rodríguez has extensive knowledge and experience in specialized consulting. His professional development covers customs law, free trade zones and foreign trade. He has also developed his professional practice in the management and design of litigation in customs matters in administrative proceedings, as well as in litigation in the Administrative jurisdiction.

He participated, since he served as an official of the Coordination of the Authorized Economic Operator to the Customs Office, in the preparation of draft decrees, resolutions that regulates and establish the provisions of the Authorized Economic Operator (“AEO”) program in Colombia.

The development of his professional life allows him to perform and advise companies from different sectors to carry out the structuring of customs operations, as well as decision-making, in order to visualize the practices that lead to an optimal development of business models. It also advises companies in the review and preparation of contracts and legal documents that allow them to obtain the mayor possible benefits. “